Question by  Majique (26)

Can you see a Virgo and an Aquarius as a couple?

I'm a Virgo and I like this guy who is an Aquarius.


Answer by  CrystalEg (500)

Take time to make sure you account for the difference in personalities. An Aquarius can be very gentle and loving when paired with a caring and sensitive Virgo.


Answer by  jturk (22)

Of course there is no reason why star signs should have a significant effect upon ones relationship however astronomically speaking those two signs have been able to mesh in the past.


Answer by  flooringal (219)

Yes, it is possible. My husband is a Virgo, and I am an Aquarius, and we have been together for 40 years. Even though we are complete opposites, we still share similar financial, political, and moral views, which is the glue of our marriage.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Horoscope signs should be used for amusement and nothing else. There is no reason why two signs shouldn't be together.


Answer by  ParrotPirate (477)

Since there is absolutely no evidence to support astrology as a legitimate means of determining anything,I would say go for it.


Answer by  kmelchers (113)

This would be a difficlut romance. He's an air sign and you're earth. You like the familiar and have a strong opinion and he's got a strong opinion but likes to experiment and be free.


Answer by  Zoe (2369)

Even if you believe in astrology there are other factors and signs besides the sun sign involved in making people work together. Generally there's a stronger emotional than sexual connection.

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