Question by  Kevin (21)

I like this guy, but does he like me?


Answer by  elrucro (47)

Usually, if a guy likes you then you will not even have to question whether or not he likes you. You will know! He will genuinely enjoy spending time with you, listen to your stories, laugh at all your jokes, call you when he says he will, and not let you down.


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

Does he talk to you? Does he listen when you talk? if so, then he may like you. get him alone and askes about his interests. If he does not look at you or know your name then he does not like you. If he kisses you he likes you.


Answer by  roshini (5)

first you express your love to that guy. wait for his answer. if he dislike you, you never like him and leave him. you see somebody is waiting for you........ in somewhere else. . Pray for that guy and God will give him. and live happily with that Guy. Best of luck


Answer by  Rose (6804)

That is really hard to tell, there are signs that he could show, he could touch you when he talks to you, he smiles at you when you walk in the room. Shows an interest in things you like to do. Does he go out of his way for you?

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