Question by  worker5579 (13)

What are some suggestions for a romantic homemade gift?

I need to make something for my husband.


Answer by  Steveo20 (15)

Make your husband a homemade coupon book that he can use anytime and place for all kind of romantic stuff. I received one of these (And im a guy) and loved it. Anything from back massage to sexual. He will enjoy every minute of it.


Answer by  CraftAnna (14)

Almost any gift can be romantic if it reflects an understanding of what your guy likes. For example, if your husband is a golfer, a gift bag or basket decorated by you and filled with golf balls could please him. A photo collage of him performing some of his favorite activities, to hang in his workspace could be fun.


Answer by  Simon (54)

You could bake a batch of his favorite cookies and hide them in his briefcase. Something else that is good is a steak dinner prepared on a Tuesday night for no other reason than to say I love you.


Answer by  alicebaby (65)

Perhaps you want to create something nice for your spouse. You might consider a scrapbook of photographs taken on your last vacation, with a funny caption for each photo.

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