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Question by  countrygal (164)

Do guys like short women?


Answer by  doggyhouz (75)

From personal experience I wouldn't prefer them but I like the one I currently have. My girlfriend is currently 4'9" and I'm 5'10" myself. She has a big heart and she helps me a lot in chorus. So I can say I do like them.


Answer by  John (9008)

Every guy is different, and each of us likes different things. Despite what you might think from looking in the media, many men actually like short women. Many men also like tall women; it just varies. No matter how tall you are, someone thinks that you're very attractive!


Answer by  Andersen (628)

Height is far down on the list of attributes that attract a man to a woman. Physical attractiveness, personality, etc are far more important.


Answer by  firefighter38310 (430)

it isnt your height or weight 90% of the time. Its the heart most of us guys love. i married my wife because she maintained eye contact with me, was confident of herself, knew what she wanted in life and of course she is hot looking to me


Answer by  Anny (15)

Yes, guys generally are averse being looked around with a girl taller then themselves. Being with short women (preferably) or women of same height gives them a false sense of superiority.


Answer by  me40 (43)

Just like any other attribute, it depends on the guy. Personally, I like short women, but not any more or less than taller women. Most guys prefer that their woman be at least a little bit shorter than they are.

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