Question by  remixedx3 (26)

What should I write in a love letter to a girl?


Answer by  workingwoman11 (195)

You should write and tell her how much you love her. Tell her the reasons why you love her and the things you like most about her. Tell her why you like to spend time with her and how happy she makes you feel.


Answer by  Andrea74 (43)

You should write from your heart, even if you think that it sounds silly. If you feel butterflies when she's around, let her know. Also, let her know how she makes you feel when she is in your presence, what you think about her when alone. Keep it clean.


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

You should write how special you feel with you are with her. You should tell her she is beautiful. You should comliment her on something and tell her she makes your world brighter.


Answer by  Tegi (9)

The Letter should clearly fulfil the basic objective for writing the letter. That Is "LOVE" It should clearly depict why do you love that girl and what makes her so special to you. And yes one can also put some memorable experiances shared together.....

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