Question by  Loriannmac3 (16)

How can I talk to a new girl at school?


Answer by  timerunning (805)

You can start with simply saying hi. Ask her where she used to live and perhaps why she moved into the area and that way you can spark a decent conversation with her. Another thing you can ask if she would like to be shown around the area since she is new.


Answer by  phatmaxk90 (146)

that was my fav chick to talk to back in the day.. ok get this in your head.. she's waiting to be spoken to.. so the minute u say "what's up" or have a convo about her past, she's gonna remember u for atleast the rest of the year. or. her. time. at. that. school...


Answer by  Jackie50 (360)

Find something that you have in common, such as a shared class, and talk to her about that. Welcome her to the school and ask her about where she's from. Offer to show her around the school or town. When you approach her, smile and be very friendly. She is probably a little lonely.


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

If she is new she will be very happy for someone to approach her. Offer to show her around the school or help her find her next class. Tell her about upcoming school activities. You just have to be self-confident enough to go up to her and start a conversation.


Answer by  ravana (43)

first of all just introduce yourself to which girl you want to speak and then ask about her family and studies,hobbies,sports,games and entertainment etc and also u can ask related topics like sex,future plan,friends,cinema actors,actress like.. your style and dress should be admire the girl before start that intro...


Answer by  Andersen (628)

Just go up and start talking about anything. Someone that is new will always be grateful for a friend.


Answer by  Anonymous

Then if she does, flirt with her a little, be a little romantic. Talk to her a little more and maybe ask her out. But if you ask her out you have to be romantic, or else she'll see u as just some guy who doesn't care about relationships


Answer by  Anonymous

Dont be too subtle, it'll give her the wrong idea. But if u want to make her yours, give her a lil time to get used to u, make sure ur good frends, then casually ask her if she likes u at all, like if ur playin truth or dare...

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