Question by  viva (60)

What are the signs of having a crush?


Answer by  Kayla (144)

Some signs of having a crush are blushing when you are around him or her, thinking about the person all the time, when someone mentions something about the person you go off into another world, you go to there myspace or facebook often, you think that everything that person does is nearly perfect.


Answer by  Grace (128)

You know if you have a crush on someone if you can't stop looking at the person, you can't stop talking about the person, you keep thinking about him/her in your free time, you daydream about him/her, you dream about him/her, and you want to be with that person at all times.


Answer by  sonorasun (174)

Do you have a crush on someone? These are the signs indicating you may have a crush. First, when the person looks at you, you may feel hot in the face and blush. Second, if the person speaks to you, you may lose your concentration and reply in garbled words. Lastly, you wish you could spend more time with them.


Answer by  Elle26 (66)

You can't stop thinking about a certain someone. When he or she cmoes around you feel butterflies in your stomach. You want that person's attention and affection, because you find him or her attractive and charming. You may even want to be in a relationship with that person.


Answer by  Anonymous

Your crush is in ur mind for 24hrs. U start to listen to love songs more than u did b4. U feel nervous in your crush's presence. You are a happier person when you have a crush or falling in love. That's awesome ^O^ Congrats!


Answer by  mextram (4)

you spend an extra time, effort or even money just to be with that person. men, you're like a fool in doing so, but you can't resist the crazy love anyway..


Answer by  Anonymous

Man you just start writing love letters and everything. Also, well like mostly everybody says you just can't stop thinking about that person. Like me!! , I'm going crazy lol


Answer by  Anonymous

you talk about anything and everything and feel all jittery and nervous, you want to look at him all the time and wish you could see him out of work even though he is married and so are you !


Answer by  Anonymous

You break out in a sweat when he talks to you, smiles at you and laughs at your jokes

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