Question by  MattMcGee (9)

What should I do about being an employee and having a crush on my boss?


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

Business and pleasure do not mix. Do not do anything you could end up the one worse off and with no job. Other wise find out a little more about your boss, maybe just being friends would be the best option and find a love outside the workplace. Maybe just going for a friendly drink to break the ice.


Answer by  DouglasEarlClore (1236)

Absolutley nothing. Nothing good will come from acting on this. The posibility that this ends up with the two of you married and living happily ever after is not even on the scale. On the other hand, the possibility is high that, if acted upon, one or both of you will be uncomfortable, embarrassed, hurt, or fired.


Answer by  somerset (801)

That you feel something for your boss in itself is fine, what you do with it matters. And that is the whole crux of the thing. Do not do anything. Act proffesionally, and do not let on. It will show that you are mature, and know how to handle yourself.


Answer by  Betty0320 (734)

Absolutely do not proceed with asking him/her out while you are still an employee. It's great if you start dating and fun to keep it a secret, but if things go sour, you will have an ex as your boss. The conflict of interest will put your job in peril even if things do work out.


Answer by  Gabriel (2146)

It's not unusual to develop a crush on people you work closely with. Does your boss feel the same way? Does your company have any rules about employee/manager relationships? If your boss is interested and there are no rules against it, maybe it could be a great relationship.

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