Question by  Gary (11)

Do white girls like Hispanic men?

Have there been an opinion polls?


Answer by  deborahc (28)

I do and I married one! I think that it also depends on where you live. I lived in Sacramento for 30 years and was exposed to hispanic, as well as many other cultures. I now live in PA where it is less liberal and less diverse, and I don't see many white/hispanic couples.


Answer by  pjs7897 (30)

It all depends on the girl herself... I personally would not date a Hispanic, but it will not keep me from being friends with one.


Answer by  missypoo98 (96)

You tell me does it really matter on the outside? No, not at all I know a couple and the wife is white and husband is Hispanic. And they have children. It just matters if you love her and she loves you and that's all.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

You could find many opinion polls online on this subject. Personally I think it's the woman who has certain preferences not the population of white women as a whole. Some women like men of color and some prefer the color they are.


Answer by  coco95 (234)

White women are definitely into Hispanic men. I don't know of any polls but I can tell you that most of my friends who are women have fantasized about having a Latin lover at some point. Antonio Banderas.... enough said!


Answer by  docholiday (47)

In my personal experience I know of plenty of white women who are attracted to Hispanic men. It usually boils down to one's personal preference and what type of personalities they are drawn to.

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