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Question by  kmmbq (34)

Is kissing really cheating, should I tell?


Answer by  Doomstoned (1454)

It really depends on the nature of the kissing. A peck on the cheek is one thing, but I kiss on the lips, particularly an open mouth kiss lasting a for a duration certainly crosses the line into cheating territory. Should you tell? That's ultimately up to you to decide, but it's typically not a very good idea.


Answer by  beardednail (81)

Yes kissing is cheating and if you have to ask you already know the answer. Before you tell your significant other, you need to look at your relationship. There is a reason you kissed the other person. Were you caught in a moment of passion or is something wrong in your relationship? That answer will tell you what to do.


Answer by  srainne (2597)

I think kissing is definitely cheating. Any intimate act or emotional bond is cheating in my book. As far as whether or not you should tell; that is up to you. Could you continue on knowing that you have this secret?


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Cheating is anything that you would do that you would never tell your significant other because you believe that it's cheating (and that is why you aren't telling). In my opinion, kissing is a form of cheating, as is any type of physical contact you have with somebody else other than your partner.


Answer by  Baobao (1273)

From my point of view, people will not kiss much if they do not love each other.I would say kissing is very real and good, so usually people do not pretend doing that.Enjoying kissing at that time is better than thinking.


Answer by  Anonymous

Well im in that same situation now i kissed another guy and idk if i should lwt my bf know.... :( im soo confused bcuz i love him to much to keep it a secret it will eat me alive

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