Question by  Zach95 (4)

What are some romantic gift ideas?

I want a gift for my husband for our anniversary.


Answer by  Erynn (1651)

You could buy something that reminds him specifically of your early relationship, a little thing unique to you. You could also get a photo album of your marriage up to the present time, send him flowers (men enjoy this, too, though it embarrasses them more) or take him somewhere he knows you don't want to go but he does.


Answer by  Dianne857 (105)

The best present would be a memory. Go away for the weekend to a romantic bed and breakfast or even to a hotel overnight.


Answer by  HP4life (63)

Have your husband pick a few lingerie outfits from a catalog or website. Choose your favorite and cook him his favorite dinner while wearing it.


Answer by  Guam (158)

Guys don't really care what you get them. Some good ideas are clothes or maybe a tv. If you have money maybe a motorcycle or car.

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