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How do you get an American green card?

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Can you tell me how to change the owner of an LLC?

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What legal standing does a DPOA have?

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What can I do in Ohio to get a speedy trial?

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How can you find out of you have a valid marriage?

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How do you drop criminal charges?

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What is involved in filing for temporary custody of children?

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Where can I find legal aid help in South Dakota?

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Does the law have time limits on extradition?

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Can I put notes in a mailbox?

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What is the law about postmark and payment fees?

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What are the child support laws in Texas?

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What is the punishment for adult vandalism in Florida?

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What is involved with a charge-off during bankruptcy?

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What do I need to know about breaking a lease?

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Where can I find free criminal records?

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What is the law regarding a deposit?

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What is a "stipulation" in divorce terms?

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What are some issues involving immigration?

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How do you go about changing your name?

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What are the origins of "common law?"

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How do I answer a divorce summons?

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Can you resell a home that had a fire in Virginia?

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What are Pennsylvania state law governing lunch breaks?

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Can anyone tell me about bankruptcy and apartment leases?

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What is the Texas law on statue of limitation of debts?

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What is the state of Florida's extradition law?

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What is West Virginia's domestic battery law?

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What do you need to bring to get your license renewed?

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Is it legal to force an employee to pay for a walk out?

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What is the Internal Revenue Code for 501c3?

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How do I get temporary guardianship papers?

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What is the California lemon law?

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What is involved in the annulment process?

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What are the hurricane laws in Satellite Beach, Florida.

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Does a 3-day notice violate tenants' rights?

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Can I copy XBox games?

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How and when do you serve a notice to pay rent or quit?

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How do you get a felony expunged?

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Can a process server leave a summons at a friend's house?

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What can you tell me about gas well royalty?

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Can credit union checking be garnished?

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Who has the right to see my tax returns?

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What is the hand gun barrel length law in Oregon?

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How do you go about placing a lien on an estate?

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Can you get a divorce if your spouse is in jail?

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Is it legal to discriminate against convicted felons?

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What are the federal guidelines for non-exempt employees?

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What are the car repossession laws in South Carolina?

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How can I have my husbands parental rights terminated?

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Can my wife sue me after our divorce for an affair?

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What are the Texas DWI laws?

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Can you fire your attorney?

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Does Texas have extradition laws?

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What are Texas property laws?

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How do I get a CCW in Florida?

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What is the penalty for lying to a police officer?

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If a neighbor's dog is on my property, am I liable?

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What can I do about FMLA discrimination?

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What is the California law for unpaid wages?

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How do you handle abusive men?

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Who has to pay the credit card bills of the deceased?

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Can you get child support if you are 17 years old?

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