Question by  Latha (264)

Is it legal for a vendor to charge more when someone uses a credit card?


Answer by  Anonymous

It is completely illegal, unless it's a government agency. It does not matter that it costs the vendor more - that's just the price they pay for having the ability to take credit card payments. Do not believe the other answers you see here saying that it's allowed.


Answer by  Anonymous

No it is not. Federal Courts held in the 1990s, that ONLY Government Agencies and Non-Profits may charge for the CC surcharge. Any private enterprise, is violating Federal Law, when charging you 3%, 4% etc,


Answer by  cynthiaisabelle (22)

No, it is not legal. However, a vendor can give a discount to a customer/client who uses cash. Most who engage in this practice jack up their prices five or ten per cent and then give the discount to cash users and don't lose a penny.


Answer by  Kaylene (93)

The vendor has costs with each credit card transaction, to recover this they can charge the individual that has the convenience of using the card.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Yes it is. The credit card machine costs the business money to use. Sometimes, most smaller locally owned buisnesses, do not generate enough credit card sales to pay for the bill. So they charge a nominal fee in order to pay the bill so they can continue carrying credit card services. Bring cash next time if its an issue.


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

Every time someone uses a credit card, it costs money to the vendor. Some vendors absorb the cost because credit cards mean there are no hassles with bouncing checks. Some vendors attach a handling charge to offset the cost of the credit card to them. This is perfectly legal and understandable.

posted by Anonymous
It is not legal at all. Understandable - maybe, but not legal. They can give you a discount for using cash, but can not add anything when you use a credit card!  add a comment

Answer by  embockjr (709)

Venders must pay a fee when sales are through credit cards, therefore an extra fee could be appropriate. Legal, YES.

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