Question by  gazatong (12)

What should I do if I fell and injured myself at McDonald's?

Do I have any recourse? Can I sue them?


Answer by  Stephen (123)

You should immediately report the incident to the manager, and ask that an incident report be filled out. With a cell phone, take a picture of where you fell.


Answer by  timerunning (805)

The first thing I would do is to contact a lawyer and see what action you can take against them.


Answer by  Michelle27 (103)

First of all you should call or visit the location and tell a manager what happened. If they don't offer to do anything about it, then ask how to contact their corporate office. They may offer to pay any medical bills necessary. You may be able to sue too.


Answer by  DanielleK (535)

It all depends on what the situation was. If the cause of your fall was directly related to something that McDonald's neglected, (such as a spill on the floor) then they can be held liable for your damages. If you happened to trip and fall and nothing was their fault, you may have a harder time getting a settlement.


Answer by  Anonymous

i fell in mcdonalds today because someone was powerwashing the outside and the inside was all wet. noone cleaned it up, when we asked for a manager we got some lady who deffinately wasn't the manager, and all she did was write down my name , phone number and d.o.b.


Answer by  catman529 (809)

You can get over it and your body will heal itself - it was not McDonald's fault that you fell. People fall sometimes, it happens. How did you fall exactly?


Answer by  Fishtales (373)

If you fell and injured yourself at McDonalds the first thing you should do is stay down on the floor and demand an ambulance. Get an incident report written by the manager of McDonald's. Insist on it. Collect your doctor's report, find an attorney, sue that McDonalds ASAP.


Answer by  Anonymous

^ and thats it, i got 6 free meals? like thats going to make my bruises go away! Mcdonalds officially SUCKS!

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