Question by  curiouswife (1)

Can someone join the military if they have a restraining order against them?


Answer by  hulmer (1067)

They should still be able to join the Army, but a more "picky" branch, such as the Air Force would be more curious and as a result more likely to probe. Each branch has many different (de)qualifying factors.


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

Having a restraining order should not affect a person joining the military if they are able, in fact it might be the solution and keep the person out of trouble and the military would keep the person on the straight and narrow and give them some discipline in their lives.


Answer by  Anonymous

No! You cannot join the military because you cannot posses a gun/rifle with a protective order. That is why there is a hearing before any final decision is made. The protective order says no gun/rifle shall be possessed in the U.S.A/foreign lands/Tribal lands. no weapon your useless to the military.

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Do you not know what possess means? It means to "own"! You do not "own" the gun/rifle when you are in the military you only "use" the gun/rifle! The U.S. government "owns" you and you "use" what is in "their" possession.  add a comment
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Just confirmed that you cannot join unless you have the restraining order removed - as per the Army National Guard recruiter  add a comment
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that is most definitely a lie. you can''t your quals while in boot camp but you can once you get to the fleet. -gmc  add a comment

Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

A restraining order does not meen that you are a criminal. It just means that you might have done something that another person does not want you around. Like stalking, wife doesn't want you around the children because you didn't pay child support and many other reasons. I am sure that the recruitment office will check this out.


Answer by  John (9008)

The military basically only checks for arrests or criminal violations. Thus, in and of itself, a civil restraining order won't disqualify someone. If, however, the restraining order was issued as the result of an arrest or if you're arrested for violating it, you could have a problem. Some branches will accept people with arrests, but some won't.


Answer by  Anonymous

you can join im trying to join right now. i have a dui and a restraining order their not worried about me gettin a wavier for the restraining order its the dui which is giving me a problem

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