Question by  Sheila88 (12)

What suggestions do you have for adoptees looking for parents?


Answer by  Jaye (134)

First and foremost understand your reasons for seeking out your birth parents and be prepared for the answers you uncover. Ask your adoptive family for known details, very often they are a good resource. Check with your birth city court records. You can petition the court to open your adoption records if you so choose.


Answer by  dooney (222)

You could if you choose make a show of being happy and polite attentive and nice, but what you really want is people with whom you can just be yourself. Do they listen to you? Everyone has faults, be wary of anyone who appears faultless. Can you hug them unreservedly? And you must believe they will help you grow up.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

I would suggest doing lots of research. When you have a clue to someone who knows your birth mother or father, ask them about your family and they could start you on your way. Courthouses have public records and maybe a clue for you. You have to remember that some people don't want to be found.


Answer by  johnresa (2455)

I would suggest signing up with a website that helps people search for birth parents. A lot of these types of websites have been very successful. I would also mentally prepare in case what you find or who you find is not what you expected. Also make sure to not discount your adoptive parents during all this.


Answer by  MarkT (42)

Always be your self and be straight forward with potential parents. Honest communication is essential for finding parents that you will have a wonderful relationship with.


Answer by  jonber (19)

First i would like to start of by saying "keep your head up, God is with you". All you have to do is keep looking. There are internet sites, phone numbers and more. There is a family out there hoping you will find them. good luck and good wishes.

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