Question by  Jaigurudev (29)

What happens if I don't pay an out of town speeding ticket?


Answer by  John (9008)

Eventually, a warrant will be issued for your arrest. This warrant will go into the FBI database, and you can be arrested anywhere in the United States if the police run your name through the system (as routinely happens at most traffic stops). You would then sit in jail for a few days, but remain in the system.


Answer by  kperegrine (102)

Usually if you do not pay a speeding ticket, your license will be suspended in that state. If it is the state that you live in, your license will be suspended throughout the state. If it was an out-of-state ticket, you still risk suspension, as well as a warrant issued for your arrest.


Answer by  timerunning (805)

If you were in state, they could refuse to renew your registration until you paid the ticket and any overdue fees. They could also withhold your state tax refund. But if you're out of state, the worst they could probably do is send it off to a collection agency and have it turn up on your credit report.


Answer by  bonesofyou (39)

I had a couple of speeding tickets from a couple of different states. I ignored them and the one notice that was sent to the address on my license. Ten years later, they have disappeared and and they never affected my record.


Answer by  gary23 (130)

Different states. different traffic ordinances. According to the severity of the moving violation they may allow you to depart after giving you a court appearance day based in good faith. They could hold your license in lieu of bond or direct you to a courthouse to pay right away. If you fail, your State DMV is notified for further actions.


Answer by  Anonymous

I had a ticket in Texas, and they suspended my license in Arizona when i didn't pay it. Then i had to pay triple the original ticket to get my license freed up. Some states like TX & AZ have agreements like that i guess.


Answer by  Danie (993)

It is a bad idea to avoid paying the ticket. Many states share information with each other and as a result you may find out that your insurance rates go up. Also your credit history may be affected for not paying the ticket which you have from out of town.

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