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Which is the better shingle - Timberline vs. Tamko?

posted by  Kenan(16)

What are the standard colors and line weights in Cad?

posted by  bioone(24)

What are some good patio ideas for a sloped backyard?

posted by  cesarin(41)

How can I build an eco friendly brick and concrete home?

posted by  gk(12)

What is a good tile to use for a sunroom?

posted by  lucypuke(28)

What is the best material for roof framing?

posted by  Missmelissa(69)

Can you rent a rototiller from Home Depot?

posted by  BillT(172)

What is included in room addition kits?

posted by  stphaniecostello(159)

What can you tell me about Greystone concrete?

posted by  Kay63(20)

What are GAF shingles prices?

posted by  Oktober(35)

How do I go about installing a patio roof?

posted by  karthik(70)

What are the pros and cons of liquid siding?

posted by  kperegrine(102)

What is the most durable flooring for a house?

posted by  ppremise(200)

How do you turn a crawlspace into a basement?

posted by  Dukeis(22)

What is an earth berm house?

posted by  Dan18(32)

How can I buy construction materials at cost?

posted by  Andrew195(33)

Where can I find plans for swing sets for kids?

posted by  chelleh(15)

How do I build a patio?

posted by  EinsteinHalls(9)

Can I repair a roof using plywood?

posted by  gargleafg(34)

What are the best mildew proof shingles available?

posted by  Vladlen(358)

How can I screen in a covered patio?

posted by  Sonny(44)

How do you install architectural shingles?

posted by  Morgoth(10)

How do I fix a leaking boot at vent pipe?

posted by  Severin(22)

How can I build my own dog grooming table?

posted by  ecimir(89)

How can I make a diy concrete patio slab?

posted by  heretohelp09(14)

What are the typical house foundation requirements?

posted by  Teya74(16)

How do you make a strong fairy house?

posted by  mandiravathi(22)

How do you attach baseboard trim to concrete?

posted by  Nirmalmn(34)

How do I go about installing cedar shakes on plywood?

posted by  Droopy(58)

What are some front door faux finishes?

posted by  pammy(42)

What should I know about covering a wall with mortar?

posted by  rjprecording(56)

What can I do if my new roof still has leaks?

posted by  suzyq16(47)

How can I make a pet ramp?

posted by  cichoszn(37)

What is the best way to install a Plenum furnace?

posted by  jenniebelle0101(31)

How do I build a closet around a furnace?

posted by  mejustme(12)

How can I build a roof over my porch?

posted by  Elle(648)

How do I put a deck on a rubber roof?

posted by  wokingdragon(56)

Can I put a concrete shower curb on plywood subflooring?

posted by  JDand43(59)

How hard is the installation of corrugated roofing?

posted by  Convey(20)

How do you replace drywall?

posted by  hygienegirl(18)

What should I know about building a wall pier?

posted by  meisterkrapfen(24)

What are some uses for Home Depot concrete patch?

posted by  michelle58(17)

How do I go about attaching wood trim to concrete?

posted by  Kris86(19)

What are the advantages of engineered beams?

posted by  allenclose(30)

Do I have to have blueprints to build cat furniture?

posted by  pamela(63)

How do you build a level foundation?

posted by  Kittrell(17)

What are the instructions for installing shingles?

posted by  Lmukeeper(262)

Can you pour concrete over a bricks and sand floor?

posted by  arlen(30)

Where is the best place to buy a hot tar kettle for roofing?

posted by  Elmira(11)

Are baseboard heaters efficient?

posted by  cg(22)

What are some of the best angle grinders on the market?

posted by  de(21)

How can I start a carpentry business?

posted by  scott63(140)

How do you go about connecting copper plumbing to pvc?

posted by  Adam(25)

Can a playground go on top of septic land?

posted by  jackivs(25)

Are brick porches a good idea?

posted by  spack(19)

How can I build a half wall in my house?

posted by  Nrs(22)

What can you tell me about windows in showers?

posted by  marbozon(93)

What are some driveway sealing tips?

posted by  Leonard(33)

Which front end loader stinks the least?

posted by  DeanW(14)

How do I mix walkway cement?

posted by  discomcdoogal(28)

How big are foundation anchor bolts?

posted by  fashionista(13)

Can anyone give me pointers on how to dry stack field stone?

posted by  Shan(19)

Which is better brick or stucco?

posted by  MikeD(32)

What are some helpful hints when redoing bathrooms?

posted by  page58(28)

How do you install a metal post hanger?

posted by  cejota(5)

What do I use to fill the holes in the foundation blocks?

posted by  chlentz(98)

How do I install windows in concrete block houses?

posted by  JonathanELopez(17)

Where can I find brick pavers to be used for a patio?

posted by  Michael85(17)

How do you stucco a ceiling?

posted by  shannab(117)

What size gravel do I use for a Japanese garden?

posted by  eamuscatuli(80)

How do I make a compost box?

posted by  Mal(35)

How do I form a foundation of a home?

posted by  louie(20)

How can I spot a load bearing wall?

posted by  patrickc(21)

How should I go about lining a crawl space?

posted by  MiltonBradley(14)

How do I cut a hole for a bathroom doorknob?

posted by  maxx931(50)

How do I install a doggy door?

posted by  virgo8(12)

How do I go about removing gold plating?

posted by  kolleenm(25)

How do I troubleshoot problems with drywall?

posted by  Paul99(47)

Can you put tile over an osb subfloor?

posted by  Adeshong(14)

How do I build a mini ramp?

posted by  JSmith0330(616)

How can I move a house from a raised foundation?

posted by  JesseJack(51)

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