Question by  EinsteinHalls (9)

How do I build a patio?

I am planning construction of a patio.


Answer by  scariapj (346)

Measure the space that you want to make as your patio first. Then make a floor leaving the space that you like to be used as the patio. After the work of the floor is finished build the walls on the formerly build floor by using bricks, cement and sand. Then make a neat roof on the walls.


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

First you need to clear out and level a location the size of your patio, then decided if you want brick or concrete. You need to rope off specific sections.


Answer by  usmc96gt (323)

The most important part is going to be the foundation you are putting the posts into. Then its simply measuring cutting and leveling


Answer by  Math68 (308)

Carefully. Likely the best solution will be to purchase one or more books on patio construction. Before you build, figure out what you want to make the patio out of.


Answer by  EasyPeasy22 (5)

You'll need to do a few things including planning out all materials, making sure you have a level surface, etc. Lots of websites give step-by-step video or instructions to help.

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