Question by  louie (20)

How do I form a foundation of a home?


Answer by  Wayne (129)

The first step is to pour a footing in the trench below the excavated area for your wall to stand on. After your footing has cured, you set your wall forms and pour the walls and let them cure. The final stage is the pouring of the basement floor, you want to make sure all your plumbing is set prior.


Answer by  Church (72)

First, you have to dig it out, make sure you have all the appropriate permits. Then you'll have to form and pour the footer and the floor. Once that's in place then you can start laying the block for the foundation. Make sure the ground is level and compressed properly so the foundation won't sag later.


Answer by  lita (135)

You dont form a foundation for a house you have to build it. If you are using a cross base than dig your footings and go up 3 courses of blocks, building the wall but you must also build downabout 3 courses from level. you should use rebar every so often, depending on where you live.


Answer by  geonebular (53)

The foundation of a home is formed through excavation of the footing. The concrete is placed within the excavation and is floated to fill the void to the appropriate depth. Stakes and boards can be used to introduce steps within the foundation as it is indicated in the foundation plan.


Answer by  Jefe (19)

Home foundations, when made of cast in place concrete, are generally formed by the earth around them. While other concrete is formed using lumber, footings are typically dug to the desired dimensions, and concrete is placed into the dug out footing.

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