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Question by  mandiravathi (22)

How do you make a strong fairy house?

I have heard about these and want to make one.


Answer by  stiners (221)

Draw a blueprint. Use a base structure like a birdhouse or build one from cardboard or wood. Gather dried natural materials. Add towers using empty paper towel rolls or small boxes. Hot glue the dried materials you found. Pebbles, bark, clay can all be used to decorate. Clay makes a sturdy base. Overlaid twigs help provide reinforcement.


Answer by  Ganesan (53)

Make a plan in your mind then take a piece of paper and draw whatever you wish, but should be possible to built. It may be tall in height, round shaped, otherwise it would be built by woods, and also keep in your mind that it should have atmosphere and use the cardboard.


Answer by  debmalewski (1085)

To make a strong fairy house, build it from any wood, and then glue pebbles or stones on it, using grout to hold the stones in place, which will give it a cobblestone look. This will add weight and strength to the walls, so it will be hard to break or blow away.


Answer by  sruth (27)

Plan out your fairy house. Get ideas from country cottages and woodland areas. Draw a blueprint of how you want your house to look. Find a birdhouse or milkl carton. Gather your materials. Dried is best. Build your house using the materials collected. Put together with glue. Make your inside look good such as walpaper or other decorations. Then enjoy!


Answer by  asok7incom (12)

First earn perks to build a house of your own. it doesn't matter that how big it is the matter is that each and every brick of your house is of your own cost. After this view your house it will be strong and fairy


Answer by  Alyssa (35)

In order to make a strong fairy house you will need to construct it out of heavier duty materials. The thicker the wood and longer the screws or nails the stronger it will be held together. Also drawing up blueprints first helps the process out a lot to be strong.

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