Question by  lucypuke (28)

What is a good tile to use for a sunroom?

I am getting ready to add a sunroom to my home.


Answer by  carrots (156)

I have not had a lot of experience with tiles. We used a NAFCO products that was a thick cushiony vinyl. Very nice. If I were to completely redo my home, I would probably use a quality Saltillo tile for its beauty.


Answer by  hibpmgirl (2166)

Any tile is fine in a sun room. I would steer clear of ones that have too much decoration on it because it could peel away in the heat


Answer by  Ken99 (281)

I like a quarry tile in a very dark shade of red. orange. It is very durable and absorbs heat during the day to release at night.


Answer by  Learner (350)

Among the types of tile flooring like ceramic, porcelain, marble, ceramic is considered to be the perfect one for sunrooms since they survive outdoor weather conditions and thus saving energy a lot. Floor heating systems are also recommended for sunroom type usage. It is up to you to decide depending upon the usage of the sunroom and the climatic conditions.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

If you are going to use the room in the cooler months, I would put down a heating element down before I put down tile. I would use clay, slat tile on the floor. Its easier to keep clean and you can always put a area rug down.


Answer by  danieljitaru (277)

A sunroom offers you a number of design choices. You'll be choosing the layout, the color, and, of course, the floor. No matter what your sunroom will be used for, choosing the right flooring for sunrooms will help ensure you get the most enjoyment and function from your new addition.


Answer by  BillyBingham (65)

The best tile to use would be a tetured tile that is not a bright color, because the sun will reflect off of the tile and cause a bad glare.

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