Question by  Paul99 (47)

How do I troubleshoot problems with drywall?


Answer by  dubby (29)

That depends on what the problem is. If you need to look inside the wall, use a drywall saw to carefully cut a square piece out of the wall. You can then see whatever the problem is on the inside, and then replace the piece you removed.


Answer by  lita (135)

Knock on your wall to look for soft spots, check for fine cracks. if you are worried about Chinese dry wall, check for unexplained problems problems.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Well, depends on your issue- buckling can be due to the sheets being butted too tight, or can be a moisture issue. Sagging- your nails are too far apart.


Answer by  Jaggers (1018)

Drywall problems can be varied and some more serious than others. Rank the problems in order of importance and address them one by one.


Answer by  Wayne (129)

Make sure you wall is square, if it is not, you should trim one end in the corner to make it fit.

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