Question by  Droopy (58)

How do I go about installing cedar shakes on plywood?


Answer by  worker9228 (87)

Cedar shakes are just like asphalt shingles. One can attach them with nails. Start by putting felkt down then the shakes. Start by snapping a line and put the cedar shakes on the line and stagger the joints as you go up the roof.


Answer by  douglas (90)

Installing cedar shakes on plywood is really easy. I like to install a ledger board with a small diameter finish nail to get the rows straight and level. Just line your shakes up on the ledger, and nail. Move the ledger up and do another row staggering the joints.


Answer by  primatefreak (1616)

Lay 18" course (row) of tar paper across entire length of roof, attach with roofing tacks. Install shakes from left to right (leave 1/2" between for expansion), drive in 2 long roofing nails about 1" up shake (next row will hide nails). First row hangs 1 1/2" over gable and 1" over fascia. Repeat same to apex, use cedar ridge-cap.

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