Question by  spack (19)

Are brick porches a good idea?

I am building my first home.


Answer by  JanetSteinberg (89)

A porch paved with brick is a beautiful addition to any home and with the proper preparation and continuing care can provide you with many years of enjoyment and beauty.


Answer by  lgk (2426)

Personally I like wood porches, they are easier to clean and maintain then brick. Also a lot cooler if you live in a hot or humid area.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Brick porches are absolutely lovely on many levels- coolness, durability, aesthetically pleasing, value adding. You must provide against settling. Brick is expensive, but so well worth it!


Answer by  hello93 (149)

I think brick porches are an excellent idea and that they last. I grew up in a home with a brick porch and it lasted for 48 years and still looks great. Of course, make sure and get a good contractor or someone who knows how to do this work.


Answer by  cafish (2035)

Yes. Just make sure that you do inspections in the future. Patch any holes that may pop up. And power wash your porch every year.


Answer by  NancyTell843 (156)

I think brick porches are a wonderful addition to a home. They are attractive and can stand up to years of use. They don't require constant maintenance. Decks, especially wooden ones, require more maintenance, and become unstable if neglected.


Answer by  jaki (117)

I think a brick porch is a very good idea. It will last a lot loner than wood. They also look better. You will also add more value to your house.

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