Question by  BillT (172)

Can you rent a rototiller from Home Depot?

I would like to rent a rototiller from Home Depot.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

Yes Home Depot rents fantastic Rototillers. The rental models are high power and high quality models which are normally too expensive for the average homeowner to purchase. Home Depot will also instruct you on how to use the Tiller.

posted by Anonymous
Home Depot charges $35 for 4 hrs, $45 for 24 hrs for their smaller tiller--the 3.5 to 4 hp one, tills about 12-14" swath. Victor NY prices.  add a comment

Answer by  Dale23 (192)

Yes you can rent a rototiller from home depot. I have rented several tools from one of their larger locations.


Answer by  LocalJobsZonecom (24)

The Home Depot in my town does not have Rototillers but the local rental shop (Rental Depot) does. So I would check if you have other rental options. I'd check the yellow pages. I'm unsure of the price they rent for but most of them are a 4 hour minimum.


Answer by  caliman (41)

Yes you can rent a rototiller form Home Depot. They usually have smaller ones and bigger ones and the price varies accordingly. You can pay for one day or just a half day. Call to check prices since it varies by region.


Answer by  SD65 (55)

The Home Depot does rent tillers as well as many other tools. It is best to call your local store for price and availability as it may vary from store to store.


Answer by  helper3692 (100)

You should be able to rent a rototiller from most rent places. Sometimes you can find a good used one for a cheap price. Rent places have a variety of various equipment.


Answer by  danieljitaru (277)

There's sort of a drainage issue along the north fence in our back yard, so we needed to widen the flower beds, till up the ground, and plant something in there that can stand living in a bog. To that end, we needed to rent a rototiller, which we got from Home Depot.

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