Question by  Sonny (44)

How can I screen in a covered patio?

I want to do this myself.


Answer by  FatBob60 (41)

You will want to build a frame first. Remember to consider where you might want a door. Then sketch the perimeter of the area you want to screen. Using those dimensions, purchase lumber, screening and the door. Anchor the wood, tack screen to it, and mount the door.


Answer by  LearnedtheHardWay (24)

There are products on the market that make this very easy to do. Generally they consist of a base profile, a roll of screening, and a cap profile. Attach the base profile to structure of your covered patio creating a "picture frame" around each space, roll the screening into it, and snap on the cap profile to finish the job.


Answer by  JD (129)

Measure the dimensions of the openings you will install screen. Ylocal home improvement store will sell screen material and window or screen stop (moulding). Paint the moulding the desired color and let dry before installing. Staple the screen to the opeings and nail the stop around the edges to cover the staples. Fill the nail holes and touch up paint.


Answer by  mani (813)

First take measurement,list out required materials. Consider the amount of wind and heavy storms in your area or region. Redwood timber will make a great support beams. Next is to stain or paint the wooden beams. There are some neat screens available that with Velcro for easy removal.


Answer by  robert63 (17)

Purchase fine mesh screen and use a staple gun or large stapler (not desk variety) to staple the screen in place. You may need a ladder and/or a partner.


Answer by  ng15 (115)

Enclosing your patio with screening also enhances the value of your home and gives you a place to entertain. You'll be able to enjoy nature without enduring the heat.

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