Question by  JonathanELopez (17)

How do I install windows in concrete block houses?


Answer by  douglas (90)

To install windows in a concrete block house you will need some special fasteners. Once the window is centered in the rough opening install your specialty fasteners per the manufactures instructions. Generously calk all around the outside of the window.


Answer by  Jim21 (177)

Make sure to measure the opening correctly. If your completely plum and level, you order the window 1/4" smaller than the opening. If you're not, then take bigger deductions. Put the window in to the opening, mount screws approximately every 12-18 inches, then caulk inside and out.


Answer by  jordandevers (318)

to do this you must first get windows (either factory or custom) the size you want them and deep enough. then you need a grinder, diamond blades work great. mark the block where you want the window and cut out the face of the block with the grinder. Repeat for both sides of the block. then set and secure window


Answer by  primatefreak (1616)

Cut 2x4 to fit across sill. Use shims,level, anchor with screw/anchors. Do same other 3 sides. Place new window in opening, shim, level and screw in. Insulate, caulk and trim.


Answer by  Muhammed10 (49)

Installing windows in concrete block houses is a not difficult task and do not make it difficult. Before installing we should have a better preparation to make the job much easier. For the easier installation we can use wood buck inside of the concrete opening of bot interior and exterior trim and also should ensure that both have square opening.


Answer by  juanita57 (1374)

You would first cut out the space for the windows. Then you would put up the frame for the window with wood, using concrete screws and fixtures. Then you would frame the windows in to the wood with wood screws and fit them tightly to secure them in and to keep drafts out.

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