Question by  mejustme (12)

How do I build a closet around a furnace?


Answer by  douglas (90)

To build a closet around a furnace you need a little ventilation; you could put it in the bottom of the door. Frame walls as necessary to enclose the furnace, and put drywall up on the outside only. Install the door in a typical fashion, but do remember to add a vent to it, or undercut it to allow airflow.


Answer by  juanita57 (1374)

You would need to measure the furnace,so you would know how big the furnace closet would need to be. Then get your supplies and start building.You would build the sides first and then get a closet door with groves in it. I would like this because the furnace could get air.


Answer by  ng15 (115)

I have looked everywhere with no luck for the answer to this simple question. Hopefully someone out there can help me. We are adding an addition and I am drawing the basic plans.

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