Question by  Nrs (22)

How can I build a half wall in my house?


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Go to the lumber company and purchase enough 2x4's to make a frame for the wall. Attach the frame to the side wall and the floor. You will need 2 dry wall pieces the size of the wall, one on the front and back and you will need to decide what you want for the top of the wall.


Answer by  rplaut6456 (6)

Your main concern should be is whether the free end of the wall has the lateral stability required. Sometimes the free end will require n 'L' shaped return or a firmly secured post into the floor construction. Talk to a professional first. Otherwise the half wall may be torn down.


Answer by  Biohammer (14)

Yes a half wall used as a room divider or architectural accent is a non load bearing partition and can generally be built by a homeowner or weekend warrior or handyman with common building materials such as wood or metal studs and drywall and finished on top with wood, stone, or drywall alone.


Answer by  Sindhuramesh (21)

A half wall is easy, use 2*4's, cut a top and bottom plate the desired length of your wall. measure your desired height and cut studs that length minus the top and bottom plates. i would recommend screws instead of nails since you will only be tying into the wall and floor for support.


Answer by  Mary90 (78)

You must have a base support, like a existing wall you are connecting the half wall to. Lay and anchor a 2x4 that has been cut to length along the floor. Mark how high the wall will go. Cut 2x4's the required height, place and secure vertically, with a 2x4 across the top. Sheetrock, insulate, paint!


Answer by  KatW (85)

First you need frame out the half wall with 2X4's. If it's going to be attached to an existing wall, make sure it matches the depth of that wall (taking into account the sheet rock). When framing the wall, make sure it's plumb & level. Attach it to s solid structure (floor or existing wall) & cover in sheetrock.


Answer by  alex23 (1)

First thing is to determine how long and high the wall is going to be. Purchase all of the materials needed. If the new wall will be attached to an existing wall, the studs need to be identified for proper mounting. Now you can start building the wall.

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