Question by  heretohelp09 (14)

How can I make a diy concrete patio slab?

I want to make my own patio, will it be hard?


Answer by  KWDave (137)

Do some research first. How deep do your footings have to go for your frost zone? Do you need a permit? Who supplies truck mix concrete in your area?


Answer by  GilFinn (2065)

Doing a full slab is best left to a professional. However, there are DIY books available on working concrete patios, and if you plan accordingly, you can pour a slab in sections that are more managable for the DIYer. Even then, working concrete is still hard work and easily botched.


Answer by  kennethjgoodson (4903)

If you want to make your own concrete slab for a patio you can dig it out and then put wood up against the grass so you can pour the concrete. You can get quickrete and a mixer and then pour it yourself.


Answer by  Ozzy (44)

You might be better off going with concrete pavers instead of mixing your own concrete and such. With pavers, all you need are the blocks themselves (which are fairly cheap), a tamper, and a quantity of sand to fill in the cracks between the blocks. A paver patio can be made in a day or two.


Answer by  danieljitaru (277)

uilding concrete patios requires some planning. Buy materials and tools ahead of time, and rent automatic cement mixer. Concrete calculator: to cover 50 sq. ft. , 6 in. thick, you need 25 bags (pre-mixed, to expedite the project. )Excavate with a garden shovel. In the North, 6 in. Two of these inches are for a bottom layer of gravel


Answer by  Fritz (608)

You can mix your own concrete and pour it yourself or have the concrete brought in already mixed from a concrete plant. It should not be to hard.

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