Question by  gk (12)

How can I build an eco friendly brick and concrete home?

I really want it to be eco friendly.


Answer by  Craig19 (154)

Yes you can! An eco-friendly way to do this would be to re-use bricks from an existing building that is being torn down. With respect to environmentally friendly concrete, fly-ash can be used instead of cement in the concrete mix.


Answer by  eldergeek (473)

There are three primary building materials metal (steel), minerals (concrete or bricks) and wood. Of the three, only wood is classified as a renewable resource. Steel is the least "green" building material followed by bricks and concrete. "Greener" materials you may find worth considering are papercrete, stucco or rammed earth.


Answer by  FatBob60 (41)

Secure used brick from the demolition of other brick projects. Consider the use of cinders in the mortar. Consider the use of rammed earth as insulation between the inner and outer walls of brick.


Answer by  ng15 (115)

Southwest Design Flooring LLC, a full service flooring contractor, continues to develop innovative floor-restoration services and techniques. Most recently, the company has added a new service that restores old floors - Arizona Clean Tile. AzCleanTile offers eco-friendly systems and uses people-friendly products to restore original-polished concrete floors..


Answer by  JD (129)

Eco friendly homes don't have to be made from any specific material. Homes build from brick and concrete as well as many other materials can be considered eco friendly. You can ensure the sustainability of your home by having a progam such as LEED or Energy Star certify it.


Answer by  noodles101 (238)

Building an eco friendly house is not as hard these days, as it would have been in the past. You will want to start off by buying eco friendly materials, these can be found by doing a quck search through your yellow book, and then when you build your home insure the construction doesn't harm the enviroment.


Answer by  Anonymous

use some mud for the bricks and top them with more mud

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