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What kind of dresses did women wear in the 1800's?

posted by  Kate7371(2)

Finish this sentence: My favorite thing to wear is...

posted by  Randy76(95)

How do you tie the wedding dress sash?

posted by  echo452(17)

How do I take bled colors out of the laundry?

posted by  momma93(26)

Should 8-year-olds wear bras?

posted by  plockey(17)

What can you do about sneakers that are stinky?

posted by  gmoney02(13)

What is Hopi clothing like?

posted by  Bigmoutaincat(17)

What color shirt should I war with gray pants?

posted by  NHgirl13(12)

What is Nelly's clothing line?

posted by  Tee49(8)

What goes with a beige top?

posted by  TeepP12(16)

Do women wear slips any more?

posted by  TT(27)

What does a hippie shirt look like?

posted by  lawanda1174(33)

What kind of clothing did Victorian men wear?

posted by  errika69(167)

What is the best type of clothes hangers?

posted by  antifish03(23)

Do you prefer one piece swimsuits to bikinis?

posted by  Nimi(31)

What are the best women's swim suit designs?

posted by  killahtomato(60)

Why do men wear bras?

posted by  Wacho(68)

Does someone make panties for men?

posted by  sarah221(12)

How can I make a model costume for my daughter?

posted by  allenclose(30)

How do I tailor pants to fit in the waist?

posted by  Justice4299(25)

What should I know about folding laundry?

posted by  Ed63(10)

Why is the hammer loop on overalls always twisted?

posted by  jgcsr(0)

How do you remove grease from suede?

posted by  baba24(270)

How often should you change foot socks?

posted by  pooter(17)

How do you alter the waist of jeans?

posted by  wrigley(21)

How do I make a color correction after using bleach?

posted by  darnell(47)

What is the difference between men's and women's sizes?

posted by  alil1b81005(29)

How do I get the swimsuit white again?

posted by  captain715(25)

What is the best indoor cycling shoe?

posted by  ram00910(29)

Where should a mans tie end?

posted by  Jenniedeelo(169)

What is an inseam?

posted by  david11693(15)

What is the best way to organize a clothes closet?

posted by  maricelmillares(7)

Is Under Armour Loose Gear comfortable?

posted by  TexasMadeKD(13)

How do you stop static cling?

posted by  lavanya(25)

What do sari dresses look like?

posted by  Arioch(190)

Do they make swimsuits for babies?

posted by  WiseTeacher(258)

Is a tube top ever appropriate?

posted by  Steve82(68)

What is the best diaper for teens to wear?

posted by  anindita(21)

Can you recycle clothes?

posted by  debshink(60)

How do you care for white satin dress?

posted by  Kat58(2)

What is a rumba panty?

posted by  Ferrant(69)

What are some examples of costumes of the world?

posted by  anchavez(42)

Do yellow clothes look good on a very pale skinned person?

posted by  momof11(105)

What can I do so people won't call me a frump?

posted by  electricguy(62)

How can I make a little house on the prairie dress?

posted by  Duffman40(15)

Where can I find Chinese hats?

posted by  elkper9000(31)

What is the normal length for jeans?

posted by  Ravyn(114)

How do you get yellow highlighter out of clothes?

posted by  jdmjam09(26)

When do you wear a "seersucker"?

posted by  George69(17)

What is casual attire for females?

posted by  cellplanmanager(8)

What color shoes do you wear with a deep purple top?

posted by  deltron3030(29)

How do I keep blue material shoes from fading on my skin?

posted by  Jaheezy(14)

Do business women have to wear pantyhose?

posted by  Rebeccaz(23)

What were the clothes of the 1800s?

posted by  hafeez(64)

What is some celebrity-inspired clothing?

posted by  jen37(1135)

Why is my Spandex not tight enough?

posted by  Christgrinder(19)

Is ivory a good color for "mother-of-the-bride" dresses?

posted by  Stevce(41)

What color shoes will go with a navy suit?

posted by  Majyk(115)

How do girls dress in Venezuela?

posted by  DawnKnight(39)

Where can I find a Zara clothing store?

posted by  Miika(23)

What are some examples of funky clothes?

posted by  SAditya(20)

Do a woman wear a housecoat any more?

posted by  FordsAngel(42)

What store has the biggest selection of corduroys?

posted by  Brian7913(28)

How did the Cherokee dress?

posted by  roxiey(191)

How do I go about tying a bow tie?

posted by  krishnan32(11)

How do Euro clothing sizes run?

posted by  knnyrobb(85)

What stores carry WWE lingerie?

posted by  Scott(109)

How should I take care of a new sweater?

posted by  totie(21)

What can you tell me about altering pants?

posted by  Buggyboy(33)

How do you get musty smell out of your clothes?

posted by  lance(26)

Do you think school uniforms are bad?

posted by  Toddthe(63)

What is typical Pakistani apparel?

posted by  lisa55(71)

Is there anything wrong with not wearing underwear?

posted by  Williamdog(10)

What are the sturdiest brands of clothing?

posted by  TickleZombie89(26)

How do you find clothes for plus-sized kids?

posted by  thea831(28)

Why do people wear a blank white t-shirt?

posted by  Maya19(9)

What color shoes go with a maroon dress?

posted by  alicebaby(65)

How to take the smell of gas out of clothes?

posted by  goofball90(40)

How do you get rid of fabric softener stains?

posted by  worker6371(14)

Is it possible to buy a bear coat?

posted by  ronaldexodus48(7)

How do I get old stains out of my clothing?

posted by  chava(1)

How do you remove deodorant stains from dresses?

posted by  ldenton(15)

What is typical navajo clothing?

posted by  tdf535(15)

What do Asian wedding dresses look like?

posted by  christa(24)

How do you remove tree sap from denim?

posted by  t56(143)

Are there jeans that make your tummy look slimmer?

posted by  Nero(138)

Is there a brand of t-shirts that helps the rainforest?

posted by  HappyTalker(20)

What do they wear on "That's So Raven"?

posted by  amkre(32)

What did medieval people wear?

posted by  tawillers(22)

How do you make video game character costumes?

posted by  fahad(10)

What kind of uniforms did WWII combat soldiers wear?

posted by  LuddeMus(12)

What are the types of Western show clothing?

posted by  msekar(15)

Are Old Glory t-shirts "out"?

posted by  Hannah(32)

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