Question by  Duffman40 (15)

How can I make a little house on the prairie dress?

I would like to go as a character from Little House for a party.


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

I would say just do some research on American history when people were just discovering the United States and see what they wore and try to create a replica based on your research. Or just try to see a dress you like on the show and try to make your own pattern with material that you have that matches.


Answer by  monica (11)

well to make a dress first u have to go buy some stencils from like walmart or k-mart. pick for the dress u like them just follow the instructions.


Answer by  khgore (124)

You can go and search online and look for a pattern of the little house on the prairie dress and order it or go your local craft or sewing store for materials.

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