Question by  errika69 (167)

What kind of clothing did Victorian men wear?

I have to dress in Victorian clothing for an upcoming event.


Answer by  moggie (329)

Men of the victorian era depending upon the event wore slacks, tops hats, button vests, long jackets, very stiff and larger cuffs and collars, and often had a scarf type item tucked into the shirt but coming out some. Also monacles, wire glasses and pocket watches with decorative watch fobs.


Answer by  yael (482)

Victorian men wore elaborate clothing that often included tights and buckle shoes, a wig, and shirts with many frills. Sometimes a jacket accompanied.

posted by Anonymous
I think you've got Victorian styles confused with renaissance. The buckle shoes, wigs and frills were pretty much long out of fashion by the time you hit the Victorian era.  add a comment

Answer by  SallyJ64 (3121)

Thing about today's suits, but fancier and more fitted. Men wore waist coats, vests, with ascots and bow ties. We would often wear hats, either bowlers or top hats and would carry pocket watches.

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