Question by  wrigley (21)

How do you alter the waist of jeans?

I can never find jeans that fit in the waist.


Answer by  Kimberly (253)

First thing you need to do is remove the belt loops and tuck it in so you can then alter the jeans at the waist.


Answer by  Jodie (551)

It is very difficult to alter the waist of jeans. You might want to take them to a professional alterations person. Have you tried buying jeans that come lower on the waistline? This might alleviate your problem altogether. If you try it yourself, use a strong needle in your sewing machine.


Answer by  elaine (450)

You can take small darts in the waist (on each side of the back area) but the only way to get a good fit would be to remove the waistband entirely and then make your changes. A tailor would be the best choice since few home sewers have this ability.

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