Question by  DawnKnight (39)

How do girls dress in Venezuela?

I am going to visit my grandparents for the first time. I want to appear very mature and I don't want to look like a underdressed American. Also, I didn't know is showing too much skin will be offensive or anything.


Answer by  MelvinVanhorn (826)

South American countries are pretty good about this sort of thing. Partially due to climate, and partially to culture. Showing skin probably wouldn't be a problem, as long as its tasteful. I wouldn't dress like a hooker or anything, but you're not going to offend anyone by wearing some shorts.


Answer by  CamSL (60)

In latin america, teenagers and young people dress pretty similar to American teens and young adults. Don't worry too much, showing skin is fine, its southamerica not the middle east!


Answer by  wantnot (305)

It would be a good idea to dress conservatively. How about a pretty tunic style top and jeans (not too tight or low rise).

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