Question by  Kate7371 (2)

What kind of dresses did women wear in the 1800's?

I have to be in a play.


Answer by  ladyconsistency (21)

One of the most acceptable forms of dresses during the 1800's is today better known as Empire state dress. The reason for this was because of the tight waistline and detailed embroidery. It is a timeless romantic classic choice for many couture fashion goers.


Answer by  timetravel (114)

Early 1800s women were wearing empire-waisted dresses - until about 1820. Then, skirts began to widen so by 1850s and 60s women were wearing huge hoop skirts; then bustle skirts.


Answer by  dakotalee (126)

The very poor peasants wore homemade dresses often from animal skins. Those who earned a little bit of money wore dresses made of material and cloth. Royalty wore long gown like dresses with trains. The dresses usually only consisted of two colors.

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