Question by  Majyk (115)

What color shoes will go with a navy suit?

I am having a hard time finding shoes to wear on my interview.


Answer by  tface1000 (147)

You can wear black shoes with navy. Charcoal and burgundy also work if you also incorporate it into the outfit with your accessories. I don't know if you're referring to a man's suit or a woman's suit, but a tan shoes can look great with a knee length navy skirt.


Answer by  SubhashChander (1773)

With a navy suit, either you could have white shoes with white socks or you can have black shoes with white socks. Going for an interview; so see that the shoes are well polished and not that fitted with high heels. The shoes do affect the personality so have simple and sober shoes of either white or black color.


Answer by  lylo (129)

There's really only one way to go here: Black is really the only color of shoe that goes well with a navy suit. Find a nice pair of dress black shoes, and don't forget to wear black or navy socks. Good luck on your interview!

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