Question by  christa (24)

What do Asian wedding dresses look like?

I want an unusual wedding dress.


Answer by  TonyB (341)

In China brides used to wear red to the wedding as it is lucky and white was the color you wore when you are in mourning. But recently brides in China have adopted our tradition of wearing white dresses in modern cuts and styles. You could wear a red dress.


Answer by  Sett (1838)

Some Asian wedding dresses are red, with gold embroidering and beading. Lisa Ling who is a Chinese actress wore a very beautiful long traditional wedding dress with a cute little cut out below the bodice. The style is usually long and sometimes made of silk.


Answer by  Anonymous

Asia is a large place. There is no one style for Asian weddings, even within the same nation in many cases. You should pick the nation you wish to emulate and put "[nation] wedding" into google to see what styles come up.


Answer by  Adelle (277)

Wedding dresses in Asia, particularly Japan, are likely to follow the kimono style. This is characterized by the wrap style with big sleeves and a colorful sash. While the dress may not exactly adhere to this style it will most likely have the influence.

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