Question by  Tee49 (8)

What is Nelly's clothing line?

I heard that Nelly had his own clothing line and would like to learn more about it.


Answer by  PZ (1206)

Nelly's clothing line is called Apple Bottoms and was designed for fashion-conscious women with curvy figures. "Apple bottom" is slang term for a woman's large, shapely derriere.


Answer by  capripor (11)

It's called Apple Bottoms and its designed for females with curves. It includes denim, jumpsuits, dresses, shoes, and accesories based on hip hop trends.


Answer by  SuchetaMalikGambhir (234)

Hip Hop star Nelly has created Apple Bottom clothing Line. They are designed for females with amazing curves. The collection includes jumpsuits, denim, footwear, dresses and accessories.

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