Question by  elkper9000 (31)

Where can I find Chinese hats?

I need to find a Chinese hat.


Answer by  frank52 (151)

A good place to find a chinese hat is on the internet, just buy it online. Another option depending on where you live is at your local china town just ask around.


Answer by  txgirl (67)

For unique and hard to find clothing items, ebay is a great choice. Also, if you live in a bigger city, take a trip to chinatown/ Koreatown, etc. and you should be able to find you hat.


Answer by  ashleydoll (93)

Are you looking for the ones that the farmers or rice pickers wear? Look in the area called "China Town" if you live in San Francisco or New York or some other big city with a large Chinese population. If not, go online to eBay--they have everything. You might want to try different combinations of search words, too.

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