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How do you convert U.S. hat sizes to European sizes?

posted by  beneto(7)

Is the pantsuit acceptable for business women?

posted by  cheryllichak(26)

What are some unique clothing stores?

posted by  Ken44(70)

What stores carry Notify jeans?

posted by  bragg222(38)

What is modern Austrian clothing like?

posted by  jax9999(131)

Who is the best designer of national pageant dresses?

posted by  colette(17)

What is the history of Levi's jeans?

posted by  Tracy31(59)

How durable are Pro Force karate uniforms?

posted by  MommyE(10)

What is proper dress for a mother at her son's wedding?

posted by  Boone(29)

What is the best way to do laundry?

posted by  Shannah(28)

Can you give me advice on how to dress for my body type?

posted by  pallavi44(15)

What is the latest fashion in dressy dresses?

posted by  Hona(25)

What stores carry ViX bathing suits?

posted by  illiam(15)

Can you still buy C.F. Hathaway shirts?

posted by  colette(17)

Is it appropriate to wear a black skirt to a wedding?

posted by  mouscelia(170)

Who is responsible for the invention of the zipper?

posted by  Sharmaz(12)

What should you wear when exercising?

posted by  DawnKnight(39)

How do you knit sweater vests?

posted by  nan818(60)

Where is the best place to find theatrical costumes?

posted by  Elle88(36)

When does the next Donna Karen collection come out?

posted by  davidl9999(22)

Does LL Bean make clothes for kids?

posted by  Guy25(2)

Where can I find men's swimwear made of tan-thru fabric?

posted by  danat(28)

What can I do about dye coming off clothing?

posted by  Letterman(42)

How do I remove mold spots from my bathing suit?

posted by  Mommy1(8)

What are some examples of goth clothes?

posted by  dedre(998)

How can I make my own bathing suit sarong?

posted by  AltoMan1(18)

How do you remove mustard stains?

posted by  Teya74(16)

What are the fashion clothes of Argentina?

posted by  caramelle0385(84)

How do you remove black permanent marker from clothes?

posted by  susan27(24)

How do you remove fresh bloodstains from clothes?

posted by  Saint90(8)

Is Vinci clothing of good quality?

posted by  ewam(403)

Have you bought any of the Yellow Stuff products?

posted by  Kim22(27)

What are the proper jacket alteration techniques?

posted by  cc(23)

What is the best way to go about ironing taffeta?

posted by  haris(11)

Where can I find Monique's clothing line?

posted by  abd(34)

Are full fashion stockings considered to be vintage style?

posted by  KatW(85)

What kind of dance clothes are in style right now?

posted by  julied31(19)

Where do I go to buy adult plastic pants?

posted by  Emily35(18)

Is there a discount outlet for Anjolique wedding dresses?

posted by  alexandru(19)

Where can I get authentic ninja outfits?

posted by  Turks(319)

Who makes 100% suede gloves?

posted by  Monkey4(74)

How expensive are Sew Precious outfits?

posted by  Mikey35(22)

What kind of clothing do they wear in Chile?

posted by  nav(24)

Does Younker's sell good clothing for children?

posted by  tom48(30)

Where can I buy flax clothing?

posted by  brat(19)

Do I need a permit to import clothes?

posted by  parent101(14)

How do I make a handkerchief shirt?

posted by  poodle(24)

Where can I get the best prices for Rochas fashions?

posted by  John19(30)

Is it inappropriate to donate underwear?

posted by  apple(447)

How do you get a musty smell out of a leather jacket?

posted by  agillett(32)

Why is it called a pair of pants when it is only one pair?

posted by  dredditt(25)

How Do You Clean Polyester?

posted by  notorious(249)

What is a dressy casual dress code?

posted by  JDX(133)

How much does it cost to rent a tuxedo?

posted by  killahtomato(60)

What was the 1920's style for women's clothing?

posted by  Lesley(32)

How do I get paint stains out of Levis?

posted by  Bruce(28)

What is the right fall daytime wedding attire?

posted by  BrokenRose(131)

What is the best way to care for knitted sweaters?

posted by  matt48(19)

How many inches is the waist of a size zero pair of pants?

posted by  Fuadaj(38)

How do you silk screen your own t'shirts?

posted by  Sky91(25)

What is that rotten egg smell when doing laundry?

posted by  SammyL(30)

What color shoes go with a navy blue dress?

posted by  Kenny3243(49)

How do you clean a ladies suede jacket?

posted by  worker9429(23)

How do you remove grease stains from a satin dress?

posted by  jeff456(19)

How do you clean men's designer suits?

posted by  Lana58(13)

What is parasuco clothing known for?

posted by  wil2009(12)

What is the size range of women's "plus size" clothing?

posted by  mkoolpe(9)

What is the best fabric for classic black trousers?

posted by  kabeer123(10)

Are long socks with skirts in style?

posted by  genkirocket(6)

What color shoes will match a kelly green dress?

posted by  reddawg(46)

How do you determine if your bra fits right or not?

posted by  fishlover(20)

How do you get caulk out of clothes?

What are the best womens' clothing retailers?

posted by  turkwork73(6)

How is the rise of jeans measured?

posted by  jujubee13(29)

What makes designer clothing so expensive?

posted by  Tina12(112)

How do you wear a bandanna?

posted by  worker3277(20)

How do you measure for a bra?

posted by  blockjon(22)

What is a good idea for a casual bridal gown?

posted by  Sally(103)

Where can I find a white linen dress?

posted by  Lobotomy3yes(23)

How durable are iron-on transfers?

posted by  anthonyj(20)

What needs to be included on my packing list for a cruise?

posted by  mirrie(19)

How should I take my shirt off in front of women?

posted by  Cristina99(12)

How do you dye denim?

posted by  meethu(8)

How do you clean a faux fur coat?

posted by  Matt67(112)

How do you dress to attract women?

posted by  friday(31)

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