Question by  Amit51 (23)

What is sundowners dementia?

I am very confused about what all these dementia related terms mean.


Answer by  DebH2010 (291)

Sundowner's Dementia is a characteristic of dementia in some patients whose behavioral symptoms significantly worsen after a certain point in the day. It's almost as though whatever they can orient to in the day to maintain a more even keel goes missing at night and they become more fearful and less able to regulate their reactions.


Answer by  charm (38)

Sundowning is a syndrome which occurs in persons with some forms of dementia. It occurs as the day approach night time, typically starts in the late afternoon, evening and night. The symptoms include psychosis, agitation and wandering especially during the night which would be very dangerous for them. They may reach places without them knowing, and may misuse things.


Answer by  MSwift (137)

Dementia and Sundowning are different things. Dementia is a progressive disease that affects cognitive ability, Sundowning often occurs in the elderly around late afternoon and early evening that is characterized by confustion. Sundowning can but does not always occur with dementia.


Answer by  Mrscmrn (1449)

What medical people call sundowners is a form of dementia where the patient may be okay during the day. At night these people may become very restless, wandering and at times very agitated. It is difficult for families to deal with due to losing sleep to protect your loved one.


Answer by  informant31 (510)

Someone with sundowners syndrome will be more confused and agitated during late or early evening hours. Taking naps through the day and limiting stimulating activities to morning hours will help.


Answer by  katestar (169)

Sundowners dementia refers to a condition where a person gets easily confused when the sun goes down, usually seen in the elderly.

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