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Question by  handygranny (16)

Can you use Murine Eye Drops to remove ear wax, too?

I am not sure if it is the same product.


Answer by  Iamstrong (659)

No. There is a ear wax removal system with the same name Murine. Murine ear wax removal system is comprised of water, peroxide and oil; specifically made to remove wax.


Answer by  John (9008)

Murine Eye Drops do not remove wax and you should never put them in your ears. There are many over the counter alternatives available for ear wax removal; none of them are also able to be used for your eyes.


Answer by  katestar (169)

If you have the formula that is called Murine Eye care, then that is only intended for use on the eyes. You need the ear care formula for ear wax.


Answer by  kkl85 (46)

Murine caries a few types of ear drops. They offer two different kinds for earwax removal that you can obtain one is called ear wax removal system another earigate.


Answer by  DrMom (854)

Your absolute best source for this information is your pharmacist. There are specific products for ear wax removal and eye drops have different ingredients. The wrong drops could create more problems than you already have so it's important to consult a doctor or a pharmacist to get the correct information.


Answer by  cashian (376)

Murine Eye Drops and Murine Ear Drops have different active ingredients. The active ingredient in ear drops is Carbamide Peroxide 6. 5%, in eye drops it's Polyvinyl Alcohol 0. 5%.

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