Question by  Sky75 (216)

What are the signs of a heart attack?

I am worried about myself.


Answer by  DrMom (854)

Common symptoms of heart attack are: moderate to crushing pain under the sternum, radiation of pain down the left arm, profuse sweating, and pain in the jaw or neck.


Answer by  Ilsieh83 (248)

You can have signs like discomfort in the chest or other areas in the upper body. You can have a shortness of breath. You can break out in cold sweat, feel nausea or lightheadedness.


Answer by  KMcRae (714)

Chest pains, shortness of breath and numbness in the left shoulder and arm are symptoms of a heart attack. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or a combination you should seek medical asisstance immediately.


Answer by  diva (168)

Signs and symptoms of a heart attack are sweating, shortness of breath, pain in the chest that may radiate out to the left arm or shoulders and sweating.


Answer by  sylsia (510)

The signs that you are about to have a heart attack or are having a heart attack are chest discomfort, discomfort in other parts of the upper body including arms, back or neck, and shortness of breath. There could also be other signs like cold sweat, nausea, or light headedness.


Answer by  kungfukid (1241)

Chest pain and discomfort, shortness of breath, pain in upper body neck shoulders arms chest back cold sweat nausea lightheadedness

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