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Question by  ksk (19)

Do second degree burns cause scarring?

I have second degree burns on my hands and I want to know if I will have scars.


Answer by  patti (29325)

The damage in a second degree burn is limited to the upper dermis but can involve the deep dermis layer. As the burn heals, you will have some redness that will fade over time. Eventually, the skin should heal completely. During healing, follow doctor's orders. The application of Vitamin E (squeeze it out of capsules) may help hasten healing.


Answer by  Znufoc01 (227)

A second degree burn typically will not cause scarring, especially if it takes the form of blisters. However, if the burns are deep and involve the removal of skin, scarring is a possibility. As with most medical concerns, it is a case by case basis, so your best bet will be to see a doctor. A dermatologist would be best.


Answer by  Jessinna (63)

Yes, it's likely you'll have some scarring. Another factor would be how big of an area that was burned. Usually any harm to the skin will linger. Depending on how much scarring, could lead to a decision of seeing a plastic surgeon for any possible reconstruction or for cosmetic reasons.


Answer by  MattK (1713)

Scarring is a phenomena caused by improper or inadequate healing. Unlike a third degree burn, which involves destruction of the entire skin layers, a first and second degree burn preserve the underlying dermis. This allows generally good regeneration with little if any scarring present. A second degree burn can however scar if there are any complicating events such as infection.


Answer by  rosieposey78 (1304)

It is possible that small second degree burns may have no scarring. However, larger second degree burns most likely will leave scarring.


Answer by  Tabatha (440)

Second degree burns normally do not cause scarring. However, it is not impossible. Large burns or burns that are larger than 2-3 inches in size can cause scarring. Burns on certain parts of the body such as the hands, face, feet or genitals can scar. Burns caused by chemicals or some type of electrical may also scar.

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