Question by  c2a4r8l2 (42)

What should I do about a 4 month old infant who has a fever, diarrhea, congestion and a cough?


Answer by  Mallika (449)

The treatments to provide for a four month old infant with fever, diarrhea, congestion and coughs are several. For fever you give paracetamol syrup or tablets very little dose. For diarrhea you give lots of water and breast milk. For coughs you give cough syryps. Anyway consult a doctor soon.


Answer by  Brittney (1095)

You need to take the baby to his/her doctor. They will perscribe the baby something to help these symptoms and help make the baby comfortable.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Please go see a doctor if the condition is serious. Take a cold cloth and apply on the baby's forehead to bring the temperature down. Feed your baby adequately and provide lots of fluids.


Answer by  worker6086 (52)

You should make an emergency appointment to see a GP. If you can't go to A&E at your local hospital


Answer by  Kaye (168)

For fever, give her tylenol. Just follow the instructions on the bottle or call your child's doctor. For diarrhea, give her plenty of fluids or pedialite for her to stay hydrated. For congestion and cough, you can use vapor rub or have a steam of 20 minutes from a shower.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

You should contact your doctors office for an appointment, in the mean time keep him or her hydrated, try going into the bathroom while hot water is running.

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