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Question by  Cheryll (152)

What is an alternative to using Oxistat for treating skin conditions if it did not work?

Oxistat did not work on my skin condition.


Answer by  fishy (1085)

If the skin infection is fungal, there are an abundance of choices such as corticosteroids and antifungal pills. Other topical treatments can be Tinactin, Lotrimin, Micatin, Nizoral, Exelderm, Naftin or Lamisil.


Answer by  Bobinski (1652)

Oxistat is used to treat fungal infections. If the topical cream does not work then you should see a doctor and they can write you a prescription for an oral anti-fungal. Some doctors prescribe a batroban cream to use with the Oxistat. One of these would be Murpirocin 2%. You might also need an oral antibiotic.


Answer by  Taran (716)

This medication is an antifungal for use on the skin. It is used to treat skin infections such as athlete's foot, jock itch and ring worm. Check container for expiration date and discard any unused medication after that date. If does not improve or becomes worse notify your doctor.


Answer by  Ginny (2251)

If a topical cream did not cure your skin problem, you might need to try an oral medication that treats fungal skin conditions. There are anti-fungal agents prescribed by doctors like the broad spectrum Sporanox, or Diflucan, if the problem is caused by candiasis, or Nizoral, which is usually prescribed when the other oral medications do not work.


Answer by  JSmith0330 (616)

Oxistat is used to treat fungal infection such as ringwarms and athletes foot, if this product didn't work for you contact your doctor that treated you and try someting diffrent.

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