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Question by  JasminesDragon (19)

Is a heart rate below 60 normal?


Answer by  Bzzy (40)

A resting heart rate below sixty is usually not normal, however, it means that the person is healthier than most others and that their heart is functioning better than normal.


Answer by  josie (287)

Normal and abnormal. For physically fit individuals this can be normal. If you are symptomatic with dizziness, and/or fainting it is abnormal and you should see your doctor.


Answer by  ToralDwivedi (606)

This is called Bradycardia. Heart rate is normally 70 to 80 per minute. +10 or -10 may be considered normal. If person is conscious and well oriented, it is normal.


Answer by  Anu (20)

For healthy heart ,it might be normal if it happens occassionally. But if regular, the amount of blood pumped will be less , slow blood flow to brain might cause dizzyness.

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